7-Year-Old Twins Fight Off Their Abductor & Reunite With Mom (VIDEO)

A mother got the shock of her life when she zipped back into her house to get her baby's bottle, leaving her three kids in the car in front of her home, only to see the car was missing when she returned. Lucia Lozada of San Antonio, Texas, was horrified when she realized that her car had been stolen -- with her three children still inside. As a panicked Lozada called police, she had no idea that her kids were fighting back against their abductor.


Three children were sitting in the car -- 7-year-old twins and their 1-year-old brother -- when a man that many have seen around the neighborhood before suddenly snuck into the car and took off.

But the boys knew the stranger was up to no good and say they began fighting back. Lucius said he "was kicking" the man and Luis said that he was "hitting him with his [toy] snake."

Said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus:

They just knew that that guy wasn't supposed to be in the car and they were beating on him.

They also began shouting that they wanted their mommy and daddy.

Eventually the man had had enough and let all of the kids out on the side of the road 10 miles from their home.

This is crazy. On the one hand, it's awesome that the kids fought back like that -- but it also could have put them in more danger if the guy was psychopathic enough to want to kill children for standing up to him.

This must have been one very scary ride for them, but it could have been so much worse. The kids were soon reunited with their mom. And this is a good lesson not to leave the keys in the car for even a moment when there are kids inside.

Have you ever left your kids in a running car for just a minute?

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Image via KSAT

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