Officer Goes to Extreme Lengths to Catch Pervert Flashing Kids on Way to School (PHOTO)

How far would you go to catch a predator? Sgt. Chad Adams of the Pulanski Township police didn't mind putting on a dress and a bonnet in the hopes of catching a man reported to have exposed himself to Amish children walking to school.

The Amish community of Lawrence County, along the Ohio border, did not want their children to testify in court, so the best hope of catching the perp was to catch him in the act. They had a vehicle description and license plate, but not surprisingly, the suspect never did anything when the police were looking at him. So Adams got creative and, with the help of the community, went drag for a cause.


Adams and another female officer were loaned dresses, aprons, and bonnets by the Amish, who approved of their plans to go undercover to catch the suspected criminal.

Under their garb, they wore vests, handcuffs, and radios, and they walked the freezing roads for weeks last January hoping that he would try to expose himself to them before he realized they were cops -- and one of them a male at that.

Chad Adams

Adams wasn't bothered by wearing a dress if he could catch a sexual predator. He said, "We figured if he was driving down the road and saw what he thought were Amish women walking, he wouldn’t notice I was a guy until he got out of the vehicle."

He continued, "I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I felt this guy was pretty much a predator who was preying on kids who had no means of communication. Basically, it’s all Amish population through there."

They were never able to get enough evidence to take the man in, but he's suspected to be the same person now under house arrest for similar incidents in a neighboring county.

What a great story! I love how this guy showed how manly he could be (protecting children is totally manly in my book) by putting on a dress and a bonnet. And whether that guy is the same one they suspected in Amish country, it's nice to know that the reported incidents have stopped.

How far would you go to catch someone hurting children?


Images via Cindy Cornett Seigle/Flickr EyeonOhio/Twitter

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