WWII Vet & Gun-Toting Wife Take Down Armed Robber (VIDEO)

Hugh and Ruby Mathis thought they were doing a good deed when they opened their door to their 20-something neighbor who claimed he wanted to use their phone. The young man had done odd jobs for the elderly Ohio couple before, so they were caught off guard by what happened next.

Robert Kelly Jr. allegedly pulled a knife on Hugh, a WWII vet, and demanded that the 92-year-old give him the money in his wallet. Being awesome, Hugh told him to "go to hell."


Meanwhile, 89-year-old Ruby, being no pushover herself, went to retrieve the couple's gun.

"They were talking real low, and I came in to see what it was and when I did he was standing in front of Hugh with a knife saying, 'Give me the money out of your pocket,' so when I heard that I ran to the bedroom and got the gun," she said.

Hugh said he had no intention of handing over his money, and he was ready to put up a fight. He said,"He ran out the door. I was getting up to get a club and then I was going to work him over real good."

Oh my gosh, this is my new favorite couple ever. Apparently they're a lot of people's favorite couple too, because a Springfield Township warrant was issued right away, and Kelly was caught shortly after fleeing the scene.

The couple has lived in their home for over 50 years, and the rest of the neighborhood is upset that anyone would try to hurt them. And just for the icing on the cake, Kelly's bond has been set at $1.5 million for three counts of aggravated robbery, and the case is scheduleto go before the grand jury April 18.

I would call that justice served.

Do you think twice before opening the door to strangers?


Image via NBCNews.com

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