9-Year-Old Hikes for Miles in Snow to Save His Dad After Snowmobile Accident (VIDEO)

A courageous 9-year-old boy saved his dad's life by hiking several miles in the snow in order to get help after he realized his father was injured from a snowmobile accident. Bode Bierdneau and his father JT were enjoying a snowmobiling trip in Lake Tahoe when JT became trapped under his snowmobile and couldn't get up. Bode didn't panic or freak out. Instead, he showed his strength and maturity by setting off to get help -- even though the boy had no idea which way to go.


Before he began his trek, the fourth grader reportedly jumped off his own snowmobile and attempted to dig dad out from under the snow. But his fingers became numb, and obviously, it wouldn't be an easy feat for any young child to rescue his adult dad, especially given the unforgiving cold and snow.

So Bode began walking. He couldn't get cellphone reception or GPS service in the mountains and had to rely on his instincts -- which are, apparently, pretty darn good. He kept calm and collected until he, thank God, found a tour group that was able to radio for help. JT was airlifted to the hospital and, as it turns out, had to have an emergency surgery for his broken leg.

Can you imagine how much worse things would have been if his heroic son hadn't been there to help? Who knows how long JT would have been stuck in the snow alone. He could have developed hypothermia -- or worse. And I can't even think about the possibility that Bode could have gotten lost while trying to get help. I'm betting his parents are equal parts proud and frightened to death thinking about all the things that could have happened.

But the amazing news is that this story couldn't have a happier ending.

Check out what adorable Bode has to say in this video clip:

 What do you think about this boy's heroic actions?


Image via YouTube

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