Navy Dramatically Rescues Sick 1-Year-Old Who Was Stuck at Sea

It was like the scene out of a nail-biting action flick. A 1-year-old girl became seriously ill on a sailboat stranded in the middle of the ocean and the Navy heroically came to the rescue.


Lyra Kaufman, her sister and their parents were sailing around the world when the trouble began. Something went wrong with the sailboat and it lost power, leaving the family stranded 900 miles away from land. 

Then, little Lyra started to get very sick. She first broke out with a severe rash and then got an infection. They sent out distress signals and the Navy answered their desperate call. A team of medics flew out and then parachuted into the Pacific Ocean to save the baby girl. Now she is thankfully on the mend.

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Do you think it's irresponsible to sail around the world with children so young?


Image via CNN

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