Widow's Lost Wedding Ring Miraculously Found in Rubble of Deadly Fire

wedding ringsThe wedding ring is symbolic -- it's not just a ring. It stands for so much and can bring people comfort in so many ways. Kristen Walsh wanted her husband's wedding ring after she received the terrible news that he had passed while on duty. Boston Fire Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh Jr. and fellow firefighter Michael R. Kennedy died battling a nine-alarm fire in Back Bay.

But when Walsh was found, his wedding ring was not on his finger. Kristen asked the firefighters to find it and Walsh's colleagues vowed that they would. The ring meant so much to Kristen, and it was all she wanted of her late-husband's, her best friend, the father of their three children.


First the firefighters checked their firehouse, but nothing turned up. They knew Eddie, as they called him, had to have been wearing his ring as they all noticed the devoted husband and father never took it off. They knew they had to return to the scene, to sift through the area where Eddie was found.

The blaze was severe and the building was now just a shell of itself, charred ruin. Finding a wedding ring wasn't going to be easy. It was most likely impossible. But because of the request of their brother's widow, they were determined. Chief Richard Magee Jr. vowed to find it, and along with Lieutenant Kevin McCarthy and firefighters Richard Taylor and Patricia Kenneally Donovan of the investigation unit, they went into the burned out building and to the spot where Eddie was last. They searched for hours and hours through soot and ashes on their hands and knees hoping for a miracle.

It was just before dark, at 6 p.m., when Patty Kenneally Donovan, the first woman appointed to the Boston Fire Department, yelled, "I’ve got it!"

A miracle. A testament to Kristen and Eddie's bond. The firefighters took the ring to Kristen who was at St. Patrick's Church for the wake of her beloved husband. And surrounded by all those who cared so much for Eddie, for her, for their family, Kristen was given the ring a few feet from the casket that held her husband. She slid it on her finger, no doubt feeling the love from her husband, a love that will always be there, surrounding her and helping her get through this difficult time. That ring, now so symbolic of something else, yet it carries the same if not more intensity of the love Eddie had for his wife and his family.

Do you feel a bond like this with your wedding ring? Do you think it was something of a miracle, a testament to their bond, that it was found?


Image via kenji ross/Flickr

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