911 Operator Helps Save Father's Life on Her First Day of Work (VIDEO)

Imagine it's your first day on the job and suddenly you are told your father might be dying. And not only that -- it's up to you to save him. That's the unbelievable situation that new 911 operator Crystal Morrow had to face when she'd been on the job only four hours and a call came in from a voice and address she recognized -- her aunt. But her aunt wasn't just calling to wish her a good day on the job. She was calling because she needed 911 desperately after her brother, Crystal's dad, had gone into diabetic shock.


Crystal was already nervous on her first day in the very high-pressure job. So when she got the call from her aunt, she says her "fingers froze on her keyboard."

But 911 hired the right person, because Crystal knew she needed to remain calm and get the call into dispatch to help her dad. In fact, Crystal didn't even identify herself to her aunt, following procedure to get her aunt through the steps of helping her father.

I've always thought a 911 operator was one of those jobs I probably would never be cut out for. Having to deal with so many scared or disturbed people every single day must be the toughest job in the world. I just don't think I have it in me to listen to that every day. Kudos to the people who do. It must be an amazing feeling to help so many people -- but I don't know if the nightmares would make it worth it for me.

But to have a call come in telling you that your dad is in serious trouble ... well, I just don't know how Crystal refrained from screaming, "Tell Dad it's me! I'm coming, I'm coming!" That she remained calm, cool, and collected is absolutely miraculous. Crystal gives credit to her supervisor, who trained her. The supervisor is now up for a national award. Dad was successfully brought to the hospital.

Here is Crystal's 911 call:

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