Blind Couple Marry After Their Guide Dogs Fall in Love First (VIDEO)

blind married guide dogsClaire Johnson, 50, was at a two-week guide dog training course in March of 2012 with her guide dog Venice when her pup fell in love with another dog. Venice and Rodd, another guide dog, were smitten with each other at first sniff. It was hard to get them to stop playing and nuzzling together. There were other dogs there, but these two just wanted to be around each other. This of course brought Claire to talk to Rodd's owner, Mark Gaffey, 51.

Claire and Mark realized they lived less than two miles from each other. They planned Labrador Retriever "dog dates" so the two puppy lovers could hang out and sniff each other's butts and do whatever it is dogs in love do. I am talking about the dogs. All of this amore rubbed off on Claire and Mark.


Their dogs loved each other. Venice loved Claire. Rodd loved Mark. So it was only natural that Claire and Mark love each other as well. You know what they say about people -- if a dog doesn't like a person, something must be wrong with that person. These dogs liked each other, and their owners. With the bark of approval from their pups, Claire and Mark made their visits not just about their dogs, but about seeing each other. Love for everyone.

As they say, their dogs just knew something they didn't know yet.

After some dates, Claire recalls Mark saying that if she let him, he could make her life a whole lot happier. And so she let him. He proposed. She said yes. The pups howled with happy!

With Venice and Rodd as the ring bearers, Claire and Mark married this past Saturday in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Claire said, "I have no doubt that our guide dogs brought us together and helped me find my true love. Much like our two guide dogs, we really are best friends and soul mates."

How sweet is this? Aren't you all warm and fuzzy inside now?

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