Couple Has Wedding in the Hospital So Their Sick Newborn Could Be There

It seems like couples are typing the knot everywhere, from under water to the tops of mountains, which makes it difficult to be surprised at this point by anyone's unique wedding plans.

But new mom and dad Amber Brunell, who is 23, and 24-year-old Joshua Fox are different. The couple gave new meaning to the phrase "thoughtful wedding" when they held a full-blown wedding at the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Christopher's Hospital, where their 1-month-old son Lucas is recuperating from health problems detected shortly after his birth.


Amber and Joshua got engaged six months into their three-year relationship. Neither of them planned to get married at the NICU -- which is totally understandable -- but things just sort of happened that way after Lucas was admitted. When their son was born, he seemed healthy, weighing 9 pounds and 11 ounces, but with the help of an ultrasound, doctors discovered he had an obstruction in his intestines. The poor angel received surgery to remove the block and ensure his heart continued to work well.

Anyone who has ever had a sick child understands all too well how it can test your strength, both individually and as a couple. When one partner is feeling glum and anxious, the other person often has to put his or her emotions aside and help his partner get through it -- and vice versa. The fact that these two chose to celebrate their love, commitment, and new union as a family unit by holding a wedding at the place that probably broke them at times and brought them even closer together is a beautiful thing.

The couple hired a pastor and purchased colorful flowers for the room. Mom wore a traditional white bridal gown, dad a tux, and nurses dressed baby Lucas in a teeny suit -- sweet!

And the best news of all is that it seems Lucas is recovering well and will be home with his mom and dad very soon. I'm so happy for this couple and wish them the best of everything. 

How do you feel about the fact that this couple wed in the NICU? Is it appropriate?


Image via Katsu Nojiri/Flickr

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