Friends of Woman With Breast Cancer Do Something Amazing to Support Her

gerdi mckennaLet me apologize in advance for the tears that will inevitably fall once you see this amazing video ... After Gerdi McKenna was diagnosed with breast cancer, her friends decided to surprise her with one of the greatest gifts we've ever seen. The video below shows how deep friendship can go and, in actuality, how healing it can be. 


In February, this group of women sent out an email to local South African charity Caring Daisies asking them to help plan a photo shoot for their ailing friend. However, it would be anything but a regular photo session as they had something special in mind. Take a look.

Can you believe it? Amazing. Shaving off all your hair is hard for a woman to do. Really hard. Those long locks make us feel feminine and pretty. It's the reason we spend so much on hair care products and trips to the salon. So, needless to say, it would take a pretty special circumstance to get an entire group of women to go bald.

It was clearly a tough thing to do, but it was also obvious that Gerdi was worth it in their eyes. It was the most profound sign of solidarity they could imagine, and by the look on her face, Gerdi was touched beyond measure.

I honestly believe that the support of friends is just as important as medical treatment. When my dear father-in-law was battling cancer, I remember how uplifted and seemingly improved he seemed when we had family trips or when his friends would visit and spend hours reminiscing. People with these frightening (and potentially grave) diagnoses need that. These women have really done something so selfless and incredible for their friend. We all should be inspired and touched. 

Have you ever had to comfort a sick friend or family member?

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