2 Men Rob Pregnant Woman at Gunpoint ... While She's in Labor!

pregnant woman robbedIf hell does in fact exist, robbing a pregnant woman who's in labor will probably get you in there. Two men have been arrested for the armed robbery of a pregnant woman who was being escorted to her car by a man, as she has just started contracting. An eyewitness in Annapolis, Maryland called police on Sunday at around 4:30 a.m. after allegedly seeing Devery Kelley, 24, and Cornell Robinson, 44, holding up the pregnant woman and man at gunpoint. When police arrived on the scene, one of the victims pointed to the suspects fleeing the neighborhood in a stolen vehicle. Authorities chased the two men in their vehicles until the suspects ditched the car and began to run away on foot. They were eventually caught and arrested, and charges are currently pending. The woman, thankfully, is fine.


Two things immediately come to mind here. One, omg, this poor woman! They say to expect the unexpected during labor and delivery, but I don't think anyone was ever talking about this! Imagine coupling the stress of being in labor with the stress of being robbed at gunpoint?! How terrible! And two, omg, what low life would rob a woman who's in the middle of having a baby?! Talk about a heinous crime (and bad karma).

If this is the point these two suspects are at -- robbing laboring women -- I think it's high time they hang up their mugging hats. I mean, I'm sure money is what they were after, but at the same time, I don't think this crime will have earned them any bragging rights. Wow, guys, you robbed a woman who was in the middle of having a child. You're such bad asses. 

Whatever the punishment is for armed robbery in their area, I think it should be turned up a notch in this case. There's just something extra heinous about traumatizing a poor woman who's in labor, all so they could make a quick buck. If charged, hope these two get nice and acquainted with the inside of their jail cells. Gross.

What do you think is a suitable punishment for this crime?


Image via Annapolis Police Department

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