'Miracle' Reunites Man With Precious Mementos of Wife Who Died of Cancer (VIDEO)

david laceyWe take photos to remember moments. Some of us like to document those moments a lot -- and many feel those people are spending way too much time behind the camera and not living in the moment. But we all still want to capture those memories! Could you imagine if suddenly all the photos you took at a very special event or time in your life disappeared? That's what happened to David Lacey ... except the photos were of his late-wife Erica who passed away from cancer at the age of 30.

David's camera was stolen from his home, and on that camera was over 300 images, many featuring his beautiful wife. Almost miraculously, David was reunited with the camera he thought he lost a year ago.


The part in this video that really got me teary-eyed was seeing the camera strap that his wife made. That's how David spotted their camera ... from an item she clearly so lovingly created. Reuniting with that must be just as special as seeing all the photos he hasn't seen in a year.

When the camera was stolen from the Lacey home over a year ago, it still contained hundreds of images of Erica. "I had written it off that it was gone and stolen forever," David told ABC7. But the Santa Ana, California, police tracked the camera down after figuring out who was behind the crime spree. The camera was traced to a pawn shop thanks to receipts found in the theif's home, and David was able to get there to spot the camera strap and reunite with the photos luckily still on the camera. "That was pretty awesome," David said. "Having it back with the memories is fantastic." 

It really is awesome. David was clearly meant to be reunited with the camera and the images -- maybe (if you believe) his late-wife had something to do with him seeing the images and the camera, along with the camera strap, again. Of course it's good police work as well. 

Does this make you re-think taking more photos so you can capture more memories?

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