Chris Harrison Reveals Juan Pablo’s Biggest Mistake During the ‘Bachelor’

juan pabloIn the 18 seasons The Bachelor has been on the air, there has been one constant. That would be host Chris Harrison, of course. He has been there for every tear shed, heart broken, and the occasional wedding. So, it stands to reason that he would have the best intel on what is happening behind the scenes. And recently he revealed a shocking secret about current Bachelor Juan Pablo.


First of all, he dashes the hopes of any fan praying for that fairytale ending this season of any other. 

“It doesn't mean you're going to go on the show and say, ‘I'm finding a wife.’ … Because that's not real. That's not realistic,” he told reporters February 9. SAY WHAT??? Isn't that the whole point of the show?  Of course, we viewers know the chances of the couple making it six months after the finale is slim to none, but we can hope for another Ryan & Trista success story.

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However, Chris makes it crystal clear that won't be the case with Juan Pablo and his final pick. The reason? JP isn't allowing himself to truly bond with the women. The Bachelors and Bachelorettes who have gone on to find true love "let go" during the process and think, "I am honestly open to this and I am going to give myself up to what you guys do because this works."

Apparently Juan Pablo isn't really giving his true self to the women. He's entirely too closed off. “I think Juan Pablo has had a really tough time with that," added Chris. "And I don't know exactly what that is, if it's a cultural difference, if there is a language barrier — and I know a little bit has been made of that — but there really was a language and cultural barrier because he didn't know the show as well as people who have been watching it for 10 or 12 years, who just kind of slide into that role.”

The can only mean one thing: things could end badly for Juan Pablo and the woman he ultimately chooses. If he's not open and honest, he's not allowing himself to fall in love, so he likely won't propose. And if he's too closed off, how can a woman get to know the real him? Once the cameras stop rolling and real life sets in, she may realize that she doesn't know him at all. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

Do you think Juan Pablo is holding back?



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