16 Best Viral Marriage Proposals of All Time (VIDEOS)

marriage proposal dan clarke dance teacher girlfriendYou think that Valentine's Day pumps up the pressure to amp up the romance? Try getting engaged! I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people are psyching themselves out from popping the question if only because they're afraid whatever they plan isn't going to go viralSigh. The thing is ... when it comes to the best marriage proposals, going viral is just a side effect of how much heart went into them!

So in honor of putting less pressure on one another when it comes to popping the question and celebrating that hearts and flower-filled holiday comin' up, here are 16 of the most memorable, romantic, and heart-stopping proposals on the web, as inspired by an awesome recent compilation from UK site Too Little Fleas.


1. What makes a flash mob proposal even better? A marching band, obviously!

2. Spencer's Home Depot marriage proposal went crazy viral last September, because it is so freakin' epic!

3. This marriage proposal on the underground is pure magic.

4. This woman got a full-on orchestrated, fairy tale proposal, complete with a horse-drawn carriage.

5. This guy proposed on Disneyland's "Main Street USA" while performing his own musical about their love, complete with a happy ever after.

6. Or how 'bout this Weather Channel proposal?! (Sure beats Winter Storm Pax coverage!)

7. Or on The Ellen Show?!

8. At a Chicago Bulls game, Chicago Luvabull Ariana was surprised by her teammates and boyfriend with an incredible marriage proposal production.

9. Or who could forget this famous flash mob lip-dub one that may have kicked off the Bruno Mars' "Marry You" trend in the first place?

10. This guy made an entire movie trailer to pop the Q to his girlfriend.

11. You gotta love this "deceptive" Parisian proposal. Especially thanks to the cheesy '80s soundtrack!

12. Here, a U.S. Airman gets down on one knee in front of his dance teacher love and asks her to marry him at her final performance.

13. Talk about taking things to a whole different level! This guy planned his proposal and wedding for the same exact day! Brilliant!

14. In this tearjerker, a soldier returns home to surprise his girlfriend by getting down on bended knee.

15. This guy asked his girlfriend to take the dog for a walk before heading out for the evening, then swept her off her feet with a music video-themed proposal.

16. Justin's proposal to Emily is so over the top, it's like nothing you've ever seen.

What's the best viral marriage proposal you've ever seen?


Image via Dan Clarke/YouTube

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