9 Funniest Things Kids Have Done With Our Phones While We Weren't Looking

There's no doubt that kids are growing up in a very different technological world than we did back in the day. For example, not a single parent today was ever handed an iPhone to keep them entertained while Mom or Dad went about their business in peace. But many parents today don't think twice about it. At least until our kids do something with our phones to mess with us -- intentionally or unintentionally.

For example, world heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez tweeted a picture of Barbie wallpaper over the weekend, which doesn’t exactly sound like something a guy at the top of the MMA world would do. Until you read his next tweet, which explains that his 4-year-old daughter had "hacked" his phone.


Oh man, I think we've all been there. So we asked real parents what kinds of snafus they've run into when it comes to their kids and their phones.

  1. My son changed everything on my phone to Spanish when we went to Mexico. He's also reversed all the colors so it's all negative.
  2. My 2-year-old (then 1 and change) sent an email to a writer at work that just said "Z." The writer, who was waiting for my response on a story, wrote back in utter confusion: "Z? What do you mean, Z?"
  3. Baby jerked her arm and opened my ex's Linked-In profile (it was in the sidebar under "people you may know"). Now I look like a stalker.
  4. My son has learned to take my wife's phone, shoot a video of her, and turn it into a JibJab-like clip -- and he knows how to upload it to her Facebook business page! She has an avid following and they respond quickly!
  5. My toddler called my mom’s best friend four times in a row once … and I think she even started talking one of the times the poor woman picked up.
  6. My daughter tends to move things around on my phone so I can't find them. I have very specific apps on my toolbar, and she'll move them so that all of a sudden I can HEAR that I'm getting emails, but I can't find my email inbox! 
  7. My toddler took a whole series of photos of herself while my brother and I were walking her in the stroller and caught our expressions (frame by frame) once we realized what she was doing!
  8. My infant likes to crawl on my keyboard and once left a comment that looked something like xohfedfhofhoieuoj on a national groups page. I didn't even know until a friend sent me a message about it!
  9. His kindergarten teacher called before the school year started to say hi. He answered the phone and had a 10-minute conversation with her before I even knew she had called.

What monkey business has your little monkey gotten into on your phone?


Image via g_walter/Flickr

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