Sage Kotsenburg Wins First Gold Medal for USA in 2014 Olympics

Sage KotsenburgThe US has won its first gold medal in Sochi thanks to 20-year-old Sage Kotsenburg, who took home first place in the slopestyle snowboarding competition.

Kotsenburg says he won over the judges when he performed a trick that he's never even practiced before. But even more shocking than his snowboarding is his attitude. For someone who has even reason to brag right now, he's coming off extremely humble. He gave his fans a play-by-play of his amazing morning via Twitter and his laid-back outlook on the whole experience makes him even more likeable.


He started off his morning with this:


And continued to keep his spirits up as the event got closer:


He sounded like he was shocked when he made it to finals:


And finally, announced his HUGE win:

Congratulations, Sage! Now get off Twitter and go celebrate.

Did you watch Sage compete? Were you impressed?


Image via sagekotsenburg/Twitter

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