Bride Whose Wedding Memories Were Erased by Crisis Gets Amazing Surprise (VIDEO)

amanda cody kartAmanda and Cody Kart had the wedding of their dreams, but their wedding night was nothing short of a nightmare. Twenty-seven-year-old Amanda suffered a cardiac arrest. Her heart completely stopped beating. And just before sunrise, Cody woke up to find his new wife gasping for breath. He administered CPR, called 911, and paramedics were able to shock her back to life and rush her to the hospital. The good news: After this harrowing experience, Amanda recovered ... but the memory of her wedding day did not. It was as if it never happened at all.

She told Inside Edition, “I don't remember the wedding day at all. The one day that every girl dreams of, I don't remember.” So heartbreaking ... And that's why Inside Edition decided to intervene to give Amanda a do-over.

Check it out ...



So incredible!

As much as plenty of us joke that we wish we could forget this or that thing that went awry on our Big Day, to lose all memory of your wedding, as Amanda did, has to be terribly traumatic. For her to have to continue on into her new, married life without any recollection of saying "I do" would have been a travesty. Because it's not just supposed to be a fairy tale perfect day. It's also a major transitional milestone. A game-changer and an emotional turning point that your heart and your mind register as the beginning of a new chapter.

For that reason alone, it's so wonderful to see that these two were able to re-create their wedding day memories. Especially after what the Karts have been through, I'm sure they will undoubtedly cherish every minute of that day for a lifetime.

What's your favorite memory from your wedding day?


Image via Inside Edition

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