The Awesomely Amazing Super Bowl Ad With Babies & Miracles You Likely Missed

I missed one of the most touching ads during the Super Bowl on Sunday. It was played during the fourth quarter, which would probably usually be a good airtime, but in case you haven’t heard, the game was basically over by that point.

Anyway, I’m glad I caught it on YouTube, because it’s definitely one to tug at your heartstrings and make you feel happy to be alive today. It’s from Microsoft and asks the question, “What is technology?” which sounds like a snoozer, but then you get reeled in with watery eyes when you see the amazing blessings technology has brought to people.


Even the narration of the ad itself wouldn’t be possible without modern technology -- the voice-over is done by former NFL safety Steve Gleason, who suffers from ALS. He is unable to speak or move on his own but uses an eye-tracking device to type what he wants to say on a keyboard and a computer reads it out loud. How cool is that?

There have been so many other amazing things made possible by technology -- people hearing for the first time, intuitive artificial limbs, lives saved with new medical procedures. The list is endless.

It’s nice to be reminded of that when tech news sometimes seems to be dominated by stories of credit card fraud or revenge porn.

Take a look. Maybe have some Kleenex ready.


How has technology made your life better?


Image via Microsoft/YouTube

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