Brave Woman Stops Scary Car Jacking in Most Ingenious Way Ever

garageWhat would you do if, out of nowhere, a man approached you in your garage and demanded you hand over the keys to your car? If you're like most, you'd probably just hand over the keys and run like hell, solely being concerned with your safety. One brave woman in Chicago did exactly that recently when a would-be car thief entered her garage and ordered her to give him the keys to her 2012 Acura MDX. Except she didn't stop there. She then trapped him in her garage and got the police. Talk about being clever!


After Andre Bacon attempted to steal the woman's car, she gave him her keys and ran out of the garage. But before she ran off, she shut the garage door, which was the only way one can get in and out. She then called the police, and Bacon had no choice but to wait there until they arrived. He was reportedly sitting in the car with the keys in the ignition when the cops showed up. Bacon was immediately charged with felony attempted vehicle hijacking and theft charges in connection to the failed carjacking. Clever Woman 1, Andre Bacon 0.

What this woman did wasn't just smart, it was incredibly brave. For all she knew, this man could've had a gun on him and started firing the minute she shut the door. Locking him in the garage was a risk, but one that wound up paying off ten-fold. Not only was Bacon arrested and taken off the streets, he had to endure that awkward moment when the police walk in on you trying to steal someone else's car. Womp womp.

What do you think you would have done in a situation like this?

Image via orijinal/Flickr

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