Guy Gives Fiancée a Gift Even More Heart-Stopping Than a Ring (VIDEO)

jessica vas alli christmas miracle gift teddy bearWhether it's for their birthday, the holidays, or an anniversary, trying to top the last gift you gave your significant other can quickly become a serious challenge. And once there's an engagement ring and/or wedding on the table, sheesh, that's when all bets are really off! I've seen a handful of married friends find themselves disappointed by husbands who've pretty much given up on gift-giving after the "ultimate" bling and big day are water under the bridge. But it doesn't have to be that way ... as evidenced by one guy named Vas Alli (who lots of other men may very well soon be cursing!).

See, in 2012, his Christmas gift to his fiancée Jessica was an engagement ring, so he was feeling -- like lots of guys -- at a loss for topping that in 2013. But what he came up with might even beat the bling for surprise and OMG factor ...


In a video posted to YouTube and Reddit, Vas explains he jumped through various hoops to replace his fiancée's childhood teddy bear "Whitey," which was gifted to her before she was even born at her mother's baby shower, but had long ago lost its stuffing and been packed away. The devoted husband-to-be reportedly spent more than a month sorting through thousands of vintage bears online until he finally found the right one. And then with the help of Jessica's mom, Vas took the new bear and the old bear's remaining parts to the Secaucus Doll and Teddy Bear Hospital for restitching and repair.

Was all the trouble worth it? Check out Jessica's reaction, and you be the judge ...

So, so sweet. I would say this is proof positive that no matter how much you spend, all that really matters is the thoughtfulness of a gift. It boils down to doing whatever you think will make your partner the happiest. And it's clear that by considering just that, Vas Alli managed to absolutely thrill his future wife.

What's the most thoughtful gift you've ever received from your S.O.?



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