Man's Texting While Driving Goes Horribly Wrong & It's All on Film (VIDEO)

We all know how dangerous texting and driving is. Yet just like drunk driving, idiots will keep on doing it! That's why this video should be mandatory viewing in every high school classroom in the nation. When you're all caught up in "hey u whut u up to" "where u" "drivin", you probably have absolute no idea what you look like -- literally what you look like driving. And how utterly, crazily, devastatingly dangerous it can be. Watch this video if you don't believe it.


On January 4, a police cruiser in Fort Myers, Florida spotted a car swerving slowly and erratically across the lane and crossing over the divide a couple of times. The cop followed, thinking that there would be a drunk driving arrest coming up shortly.

But the driver takes a right turn and then ... keeps going. Check out what happens next:

Incredible! Thank god this idiot didn't crash into another car or a house or someone walking on the road. And judging by the video, the person wasn't hurt badly either.

The police say this turned out to be not a case of drunk driving -- but texting while driving!

It's amazing how quickly you can kill yourself or someone else on the road. When I was a teen, I remember I briefly turned to the rear view mirror to put on some lipstick (important to do while driving, right??). When I looked back to the road, there was a car stopped dead ahead in front of me. I was still driving the normal speed. I very quickly was able to slam on the brakes but came within inches of crashing into the car.

If I had looked to the road a second later, I may not be here writing this. I don't drive very much these days, but when I do, I'm still keenly aware of that long ago close call.

Some commenters on this video are decrying that the cop didn't pull the driver over sooner, and while that might be a good point, my guess is that this full-on rollover crackup will teach this texter a better lesson than a ticket would have done.

Michael James Woody Jr., 23, was ticketed for texting while driving and carelessly driving. He is very lucky that's all that happened to him.

How do you teach your kids about texting and driving? You might want to show them this video.


Image via FMPDADMIN/YouTube

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