Lesbian's Note to Rude Neighbor Is Best Comeback of All Time

notePeople love leaving passive-aggressive notes -- and even more people love reading them. Some of them are pure genius, comedy gold! And some, even though technically meant for just one person, serve up a message many should take to heart. Feel the meaning ... let it resonate. Make a change. Be better. Yes. This is what this latest note is all about.

A mystery woman, who happens to be gay, was hurled a rude comment by her neighbor who walked by her in the laundry room in the apartment building where they both live. Apparently it was one of those whispers people say under their breath noting it's something bad, something that's muttered with disdain, disgust. She's a lesbian. In the same tone as saying something like she's the dog poop smeared on the sidewalk that you just got all over your shoes. Yuck. So this lesbian did what she felt she had to do. She left the guy a note.


Taped to her neighbor's door, the letter read:

Dear whoever just walked by the laundry room and whispered, 'she's a lesbian.'

What gave it away? My lack of bra, my no make-up, my black truck, my boots? OR was it the painful fact that I bring more girls home than you?     


Your lesbian neighbor.     

P.S. Very observant. 

Ah-ha! I love how she gets in all the stereotypes but then ends with a zing! And you know, this is a much better way to deal with something that bothers you about another person than, say, resorting to violence. We're all humans. We aren't perfect people. This rude guy clearly needs some learning. And maybe this note will help him look within and make a change. Hey, maybe not, but at least he has a chance, and she gave him a chance by calling him out in the most pleasant way possible, giving him, and all of us reading, a chuckle.

Thanks lesbian neighbor! (I hate bras, too!)

What do you think of this note? Deserved?


Image via Brady/Flickr

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