Freakishly Smart Parrot Saves Family From Dying in House Fire

Not Pearly. This parrot probably hasn't done boo.

Squawk! Polly want something way more exciting than an old dry cracker. A parrot is being credited with saving a family's life after their house caught on fire. The amazing little bird apparently broke out of his cage; filled his tiny beak up with water from a cup that was left out overnight; and dumped said beak-water on a cigarette butt that was still smoking. 

Just kidding. But a parrot really did save a family from perishing in arguably one of the world's worst ways to die. So, that's pretty cool.


A couple was sound asleep in their Ft. Lauderdale home when their pet parrot started "screeching like they never heard before." Laurajean Niesel told the Sun Sentinel, "We thought maybe he got his foot caught in his trapeze." But no. Pearly was just letting his parents know that the house was filling up with smoke the way only a parrot could. The couple immediately called 911, and firefighters were able to contain the fire. Now everyone, including Pearly, is living happily ever after.

Over the years, we've heard stories of dogs saving family's lives, even cats, I believe. But I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever heard of a bird saving its owners' lives. I seriously doubt when Laurajean and her husband were at Petco, either one of them thought, "I'm feeling unsafe lately. Let's get a parrot."

Glad everything worked out for everyone and there wasn't too much damage to the home. Now, let's all hope little Pearly gets a few extra Banana-Scented Oat Groat Snacks in the upcoming days. Yes, I just googled "parrot treats."

What kind of pet do you have?


Image via Glen Bowman/Flickr

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