Wife's Incessant Calling Accidentally Saves Man Trapped Under Truck

truck snowTrucker Tim Rutledge typically calls his wife around the same time every day when he's on the road. But on Monday, he didn't make his daily call, naturally, worrying his wife. Rutledge's wife called him over and over (and over) again to make sure everything was okay -- and thank goodness she did, because things were very wrong, and her incessant calling wound up inadvertently saving his life.

While at an Indiana truck stop, Tim went under his vehicle to loosen ice from the brake pads when the truck shifted in the snow, pinning him to the ground with his cell phone in his pocket, completely out of reach. He called to numerous people who were 10 feet away from him, but no one could hear his cries over the sound of the engines. Rutledge was trapped under his truck for eight hours in sub-degree weather. But just when he thought it was over, his wife called him again and the vibrations caused the phone to fall out of his pocket and into Rutledge's reach.


According to doctors, if Rutledge would have been in the cold for another hour, he would have frozen to death. Rescue workers had to cut him out of his clothing, and he spent two days recovering in the hospital. He's still numb on the side where the axle pinned him down, but ironically, his truck shielded him from the wind enough to avoid frostbite. "If my phone would have gone behind me, I wouldn't be talking to you today," Rutledge said of the fortuitous position in which his cellphone fell.

So, the moral of this story? If you think something's wrong, it probably is. Trust your gut. If Rutledge's wife had just chalked his not calling to something random, she would have never continuously called him, essentially saving his life.

Also, this man is only lucky SOB to have a wife who cares about him so much about his whereabouts.

Have you ever been in a situation where you trusted your gut and you were right?


Image via Mostly Dans/Flickr

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