13-Year-Old Teen Brutally Tortured by Couple Who Were Supposed to Be 'Good Role Models' (VIDEO)

Every child abuse case is despicable. But some raise the bar (or lower it) to absolutely inhumane. This is one of those cases. The details are so gruesome and tragic -- luckily, it has a good ending. A Washington couple took in a 13-year-old relative, Jordan, who was sent to live with Brandon and Viviana Gunn by his mom, who thought they would be "good role models" for the teen, especially since the man had been in the Navy. The boy was the half-brother of Brandon, and his wife, Viviana, was Jordan's sister-in-law. Sending Jordan to live with them must be a decision that will haunt the boy's mother forever.


Instead of being good role models, the couple systematically abused the boy for months. In that time, he was reportedly lashed with an electric cord, bound with duct tape, hung from a bar in the garage, tortured and cut with a heated knife, and had alcohol sprayed into his wounds. He also reportedly had a staple gun used on his palm, his feet were pounded with a hammer, and he was kept in a dog kennel and given no food, only a sleeping pill. He also had a nail driven through his hand.

Jordan's mom claims she repeatedly tried to reach him by phone, but was always given excuses as to why he couldn't talk.

Things finally turned when the boy was bound with duct tape, which he then chewed through, and managed to escape the house. He stayed on his own in the streets for two weeks, stealing whatever food he could, until police found him.

His cuts, bruises, and scars spoke of the abuse he had endured. He had numerous skin infections from beatings -- and the remnants of a nail in his hand.

Cops searched the house and found the boy's blood everywhere. They also found everything the boy had described, from the staple gun to the dog kennel. Everything he said was backed up with evidence.

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The couple were arrested. The woman has been sentenced to 30 years in jail. Not enough time if you ask me. The man hasn't been sentenced yet.

I can't imagine a more horrific scenario for a young teen. This poor boy had the fortitude to escape, however. He now has a chance at a better life -- anything would be better than being with those demons.

But I truly hope he will be able to overcome the emotional scars of such deplorable behavior. My heart goes out to this teen.

Jordan's aunt started a funding page to raise money to bring him back home to Atlanta. At last update, he had spent Thanksgiving with his family. He has had weekly physical and psychological therapy and looks much better!

Do you have any words for this young man?

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