Gabrielle Giffords Makes Amazing Leap to Mark 3-Year Anniversary of Shooting

There's bravery and then there's BRAVERY -- and former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has it in spades. Three years to the day since she was shot in the head at a massacre that killed 6 people and wounded 13 others, this inspiring leader has chosen to commemorate her health and perseverance by doing something that further proves this woman has guts. Gabby will go skydiving in her beloved home state!


Gabrielle, who is 43, was shot in front of a Tucson supermarket at a campaign event. It is thought that Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter who was sentenced to 7 consecutive life sentences plus 140 years, was trying to assassinate the politician. The bullet passed through Gabby's head but, thankfully, didn't pass through the part of her brain that would have caused incredibly severe brain damage.

Still, the number of surgeries she had to endure, in addition to her long recovery, sound like the stuff of nightmares. She resigned from Congress, suffers paralysis in her right arm and leg, has trouble speaking, and sustained damage to her eyesight.

You'd think she'd feel bad for herself and take a moment to wallow in self pity like I know I would -- but no way, not this awesome lady. The next time I feel like complaining about anything, I think I'll read over some of Gabby's tweets from the past few days and let them serve as the kick in the pants I need to get over myself:

I'm way too chicken to go skydiving myself, but what a cool way to prove to yourself that you are greater than your fears. Gabrielle has already overcome what we guess will be the greatest challenge of her life, and instead of letting fear swallow her, she is using her experience and knowledge to fight for better gun laws

Here's hoping she gets to enjoy peace and serenity when she jumps from that plane today in beautiful southern Arizona. 

What do you think of how Gabrielle has chosen to mark the three-year anniversary since the shooting?


Image via Twitter

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