Owner Selling Restaurant to Help Save 19-Year-Old Employee's Life (VIDEO)

brittany mathis 19-year-old brain tumorWhen Montgomery, Texas 19-year-old Brittany Mathis was diagnosed last month with a brain tumor the size of a ping pong ball, she had no health insurance and has yet to sign up for Affordable Healthcare (aka Obamacare). As a result, she has yet to start any sort of treatment, which is sure to bring in bills that are astronomical. (One more illustrated example of just how screwed up and broken our health care system is. Sigh.) But thankfully, Brittany won't have to wait for much longer ... Michael De Beyer, the owner of Kaiserhof Restaurant and Wunderbar where Brittany, her older sister, and her mother all work, has offered to sell his $2 million restaurant to help his young employee. Absolutely amazing.

De Beyer, who says he plans to auction his restaurant "off at a reserve price (or minimum bid - 50 percent of the actual value) and anything above that will go to help Brittany," explained to local news station KHOU what motivated him to do so ...


Here's a family, they really work hard, they have a lot of stuff against them in the past and they are not holding their hand open. They didn't even ask anybody for help.

He elaborated to the Montgomery Courier:

I'm not able to just sit by and let it happen. I couldn't live with myself; I would never be happy just earning money from my restaurant knowing that she needs help.

Wow ...  As heart-rending as it is to think of this young woman battling brain cancer, it's absolutely inspiring to see De Beyer stepping up to the plate like this. Talk about restoring your faith in humanity, and then some. How many of us could be as selfless as De Beyer? Where we'd all draw the line on how much we're willing to give -- or give up -- for someone in need is obviously an extremely personal thing. Sure, uber-rich, philanthropic types like Angelina Jolie or Bill Gates give to charities or causes that touch them, but it's so rare to hear of someone selling their livelihood to help a fellow human being! Incredible.

As for what Brittany -- who lost her father to a sudden death caused by a brain tumor when she was a child -- has to say about De Beyer stepping in: "I really think it's an amazing blessing and can't thank him enough."

Check out this news report for more on their story ...

What do you think of what Michael De Beyer is doing for Brittany Mathis?

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