Mercedes-Obsessed Man Gets His Dream Car Just by Using Facebook (VIDEO)

What do you do if you really, really want a high-powered, high-priced, luxury vehicle but can’t afford one? If you’re Hannes Coudenys, you create a Facebook fan page, and make a deal with Mercedes-Benz to give you a brand new car -- on the condition that you only drive it one kilometer (that’s about 0.62 miles for us Americans) for every like the page gets.

On the first day, he got 84 likes, which as he said, was “not enough to get back from work.” But pretty soon, he had enough likes to drive from his home in Belgium to Paris. And it’s been snowballing from there.


Eventually, Mercedes-Benz even upgraded his vehicle for him.

Take a look at how Hannes was able to finagle a brand new luxury vehicle simply by using Facebook:

If you want to contribute to the fun, go to his Facebook page and click the like button to add another kilometer to his odometer.

Have you ever gotten any perks by using social media?


Image via Hannes Coudenys/YouTube

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