Terminally Ill Woman Finally Gets Her 'Bucket List' Church Wedding

Morrissia Sauer only has a few months to live, but on December 14, she was able to check something big off her bucket list: A church wedding. The devout Catholic married her husband Johnny eight years ago by a justice of the peace, but her dream was to have their union recognized by the church.

Sauer suffers from congestive heart failure and is currently receiving hospice care. Upon hearing her story, their Texas community came together and made her dream wedding a reality.


Houston’s Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart was able to find an opening for the ceremony within a few weeks, even though their normal wait time is a year and a half. Then local businesses started donating their services.

They had flowers, hair, music, decorations, a cake -- the works. Silverado Hospice employees even donated their time to set everything up for the couple.

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Morrissia said the wedding was “everything I’ve been waiting on ... I’ll be solidified with God and my husband ... last of my bucket list -- it’s great.”

Johnny agreed and was himself overwhelmed with the level of generosity they received. “This is a lot more than I anticipated,” he said. “I just thought we were going to have a simple little ceremony and it kind of snowballed on us. And I’m very appreciate and grateful.”

What a great story about hope and love in the face of tragedy. I love it when people rally together to support and encourage each other and celebrate the life we have on this planet.

What’s the biggest item on your bucket list?

Image via Eusebius@Commons/Flickr

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