Boston Bombing Victim Engaged to Rehab Nurse Said Tragedy Led Him to the Love of His Life

Sometimes the worst thing in your life can turn out to be the best. James Costello was photographed burned, confused, scared, his clothes in shreds, as he ran from the scene of the Boston Marathon bombings. But now, he says, he knows why he was at the blast. It was all to meet the love of his life.


Costello, 31, was near the finish line when the bombs exploded. He received severe burns on his arms and legs, and he needed pig skin grafts. He underwent multiple surgeries and then was transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for rehab. It was there that he met a pretty brunette nurse named Krista D'Agostino. He wrote on Facebook:

I saw a nurse in passing, this would turn out to be Krista, who had shared a few mutual friends, but we had never crossed paths before. After sharing a handful of conversations I realized not only how beautiful she was but also what a kind heart she had. I somehow convinced her to attend a benefit with me, which turned into a few dates, which turned into a few inseparable months.

The pair then took a trip with other survivors to Europe. It was there that he asked Krista to marry him. He wrote on Facebook:

I'm happy to announce that we will spend the rest of our lives together. I now realized why I was involved in the tragedy. It was to meet my best friend, and the love of my life.

Goes to show you that maybe you never know what the plan is for you. Absolutely nobody wants to be involved in such a horror, but perhaps you will be shown another path that would have never been possible otherwise if you hadn't had that horror to live through.

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And you certainly never know where you are going to meet "the one." James and Krista will have an interesting story to tell their grandchildren.

Have you ever met a significant other under strange circumstances?

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