Toddler Saved From Second-Story Fall By Man Just Passing By

You know how toddlers are ... you turn your back for ONE second, and before you know it they’re into something they shouldn’t be. Usually it’s nothing worse than some spilt milk or something similar, but other times it can be a terrifying near-death experience.

Take the case of a 23-month-old boy in Italy, who managed to climb out of a second-story window, and was saved when an officer that just happened to be walking by caught him!


Luigi Barbanera, a guard at an Italian penitentiary, just happened to be passing by the building where the toddler lives when he saw something strange. The little boy was leaning precariously far over the ledge of a second-floor window. He rushed over, and managed to catch him after he toppled over the edge and tumbled down.

They both fell to the ground, but Barbanera used his body to cushion the tyke’s fall. Neither was injured.

Apparently, the little boy’s mom thought her son was napping while she was hanging laundry up to dry. When she went to check on him, she (understandably) panicked when she found him missing, and rushed to the street. I can only imagine the relief she felt when she found him safe.

Barbanera is being hailed as a local hero, but he says he was just in the right place at the right time. He said, “Fate made me pass by the road at that time.”

What’s the biggest fright your toddler has every given you?

Image via Michael Casey/Flickr

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