5 Powerful Quotes of Resilience to Mark the 1-Year Anniversary of Sandy Hook

NewtownFor many of us, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut is one of the most horrible national tragedies we will ever endure. The devastating loss of life of so many innocent young children is not something any of us will ever forget.

In the 12 months that have followed that day -- December 14, 2012 -- we have tried to heal. We have seen the holidays come and go, the buds bloom on the trees and summer turn into fall again. Our children have gone back to school. But for those of us with kids, there is a lingering pain, an unspeakable sadness for what so many of our fellow parents had to endure. Nothing like this should have ever happened.

But even in the grief and sadness and pain, there is comfort. Here are five quotes that show that even through blinding pain, there can be small rays of sunshine. There can be pockets of hope and reasons to keep on going. See below:

Image via Armin Vogel/Flickr

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