Criminal Posts Pics on Instagram That Prove He Loves Fame More Than Freedom (VIDEO)

Criminals these days just can't seem to get enough of themselves. Instead of stealing, looting, or doing whatever else it is they do and then just trying to get away with their actions -- you know, behavior you'd expect from your typical criminal -- they are finding it difficult to peel themselves away from all forms of social media. And nothing could make police any happier, I'm guessing. 

Take Dupree Johnson, for example. The 19-year-old Florida teen already had a pretty lengthy rap sheet that included grand theft, burglary, and felony possession of a firearm. Perhaps he could have built a strong enough defense to get away with his crimes -- who knows? And we'll never know. Because the publicity hound dug his own grave and did the world a favor by posting photos on his Instagram that showed him holding guns and items he allegedly stole. 


After stumbling upon his Instagram page, cops were able to see Dupree smiling as he posed with various handguns in one photo and beaming again in another photo as he held up a humongous gold cross necklace that is believed to be one of $250,000 worth of items he has stolen. Thanks to the pics, cops were able to get a search warrant and found a loaded gun and stolen jewelry, electronics, and firearms in the man's house. They think he might be one of several people responsible for 40 burglaries in southern Florida.

He is currently facing 142 felony charges.

I can't help but think: if you just showed all these criminals how to become overnight Internet sensations, there would probably be far less crime. It's oddly obvious that they value publicity more than their own freedom. Did Dupree actually acquire some kind of cult-like fame among other criminal wannabes after posting these photos? Or did he just think that kind of attention would follow? 

Either way, Instagram and selfies are proving to be a great thing for all of us, as they seem to be helping cops lock up criminals a whole lot faster. 

Here's a video that shows some of the valuables found in Dupree's home that were allegedly stolen:

Why do you think some criminals are choosing to expose themselves on social media sites?


Image via YouTube


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