Single Mom Scares Off Attacker in Her Home by Praying

praying handsIf you woke up to find an intruder had broken into your house, what would you do? Scream bloody murder? How about telling the attacker that "God loves you" and convincing him he didn't really want to do this? That's what a single mom in Dearborn, Michigan did.

Guess what. It worked!


Cops in Dearborn say the 38-year-old mom of a daughter with special needs woke up around 5 in the morning to a strange man assaulting her in her own home. She could have screamed and cursed him out -- I know I probably would have. Instead the mom, who neighbors describe as deeply religious, tried to appeal to his better side.

She reportedly told the man "God loves you, you don't want to do this."

It's a pretty amazing statement when you think about it. Here some jerk has violated the sanctity of her home, and what's more he's HURTING her. But she was still able to see his humanity and appeal to his better side? To assume that he HAD a better side?

There are people who say they're religious, and then there are people who actually live their religion. Clearly this mom was the latter. I respect her wholeheartedly for it.

Still, her move was pretty gutsy, wasn't it? Religious or not, she was being attacked by an intruder! She had no idea whether her response would work or if it would actually enrage him more. And let's be honest: even religious people can get really, really angry ... especially when some jerk breaks into the house where their child is sleeping.

Fortunately, this did work. Call it a holiday miracle or just good faith, but cops say the intruder took off, and the mom was barely hurt. Her daughter wasn't hurt at all.

Put yourself in the mom's shoes. What would YOU have done?


Image via Alejandro Hernandez/Flickr

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