3 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Holiday Cards

Merry_Christmas_CardThere's no two ways around it, sending out holiday cards can be expensive. The problem? Everyone does it. Your friends, your family, your boss, and your boss' boss. Even though you may hate to admit it, you love getting them, and even though selecting the right holiday photo isn't exactly easy, you kind of love making them. Which is why it's clear what every mom is looking for this time of year: a way to get 'em on the cheap.

Well fear not, my savvy holiday card-making friends, because there are a whole slew of websites out there where you can easily design your own holiday card without shelling out big bucks.

Check out our 3 favorite websites to make your own holiday cards. Oh and the best part? No need to wait for shipping ... and it's free.


1. PicMonkey (picmonkey.com): PicMonkey is seriously God's gift to the world. OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But the website, which has templates to make everything from Facebook cover photos to Pinterest pins and, of course, holiday cards, has zillions of design options available to help users make what they want -- for free. Our favorite part? PicMonkey's great holiday themes. With Christmas on the horizon, the site has a whole slew of holiday graphics and themes available to help users customize their creations effortlessly. Our Christmas weapon of choice: the "Kringle Caps."

2. Photoshop Express (photoshop.com): Another free photo editing, sharing, and managing website -- the makers of Photoshop give users 2GB of free storage for photos and videos, which users can then edit however they like. As much as we love PicMonkey for its cute design aspects, Photoshop Express has some REALLY great stylish effects using custom color adjustments that make even an average Joe's photos feel professional.

3. BeFunky (befunky.com): BeFunky has a lot of great collage options, which is why it makes our top 3 list. Make your perfect Christmas Card by choosing text for one square and cute family photos for the others. Even better, you can literally drag and drop photos from your computer desktop into the online tool. Yes, please, and thank you.

Have you ever tried making your Christmas card on your own at home?


Image via PicMonkey

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