'60-Year-Old Girl' & 7 More of the Year's Best Memes

Rebecca Stokes | Dec 11, 2013 Good News
'60-Year-Old Girl' & 7 More of the Year's Best Memes

60 Year Old KidI love the Internet. I love chatting online, I love shopping, I love falling into the black-hole of a good Wikipedia session. But there is one thing I love more than anything else the web might have to offer. The memes.

Nothing better encapsulates the insanity, randomness, and viral sense of humor quite the way a good meme does. Seriously! Memes are about community! At their best they capture a moment of pop cultural relevance in a crystal. At their worst, they can still manage to make us chortle.

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With the year winding down, I thought now might be a good time to share some of my favorite memes from the year 2013. Some are political, some are satirical, some feature animals, and all of them are just plain hilarious. Click through to see who made the cut!

What was your favorite meme this year?


Image via BuzzFeed

  • No Time for That


    Image via KnowYourMeme

    This victim of an apartment fire had no idea that her terse description would make her an Internet legend. It did, and we are so glad.

  • Te'o'ing


    Image via KnowYourMeme

    This footballer had no idea his tall tale of a fake (and DEAD) girlfriend would take the country by storm. But storm we did. Many lol's and fake significant others were had by all.

  • Clinton Photobombs


    Image via WeKnowMemes

    One president with a big personality and fondness for the ladies plus one young starlet equals a whole lot of sassy Bill-Clinton-themed photobombing.

  • Doge


    Image via Tumblr

    Who knew that one wise-looking Shiba Inu would inspire the web to cover his visage with strange captions? And who knew they would be so clickable?

  • Joffrey Belieber


    Image via DigitalSpy

    Fans of Game of Thrones and enemies of Justin Bieber made this meme a dream. In it the evil villain of the show is subbed in with actual villain, Justin Bieber.


  • Julia Stiles on Things


    Image via Tumblr

    Sometimes memes make sense. Other times, they don't. This one ... absolutely doesn't. But in the tradition of 'Sad Keanu,' this collection of Julia Stiles clutching on to things does not disappoint.

  • Sad Daryl


    Image via MemeGenerator

    Daryl from The Walking Dead has every reason to cry. The Internet has given him many more. Like salad. Heart you webbie.

  • 60-Year-Old Kid


    Image via BuzzFeed

    Oh man. This is the newest addition and inspiration for this post. A dude uploaded a childhood photo of his wife to the web and IMMEDIATELY (with good reason) she, dubbed 60-Year-Old Kid, became our new obsession.

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