12 Christmas Quotes Full of Joy & Good Cheer

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Ask the average American what their favorite holiday is, and they're bound to say Christmas. And why not? Everyone is NICER at Christmas! Everyone is in a better mood! 'Tis the season to be jolly, after all. And therefore it makes sense that people try to find the right words to describe the joy they feel on this holiday. Togetherness, kindness, and doing right by others are infectious feelings, and it can sometimes be hard to articulate that. 


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If our readers are looking for a little extra Christmas spirit, we've the perfect words to get the holiday cheer flowing. Some of these words are perfect for a Christmas card -- or 50. And some might just be something one needs to hear to get into the holiday mood. Either way, we love Christmas and we love that people were able to accurately put into words just why this holiday is so wonderful. 

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We've rounded up some of the best quotes and sayings about the last big holiday before the new year to make our holidays merry and bright! These quotes capture the spirit of Christmas: the bad, the good, and the positively joyful. 

#9 hits the nail on the head for me, anyone else?

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