Girl Arrested After Taking Stupidest Selfie Ever

iphone crimeSo apparently, selfies should come with a warning label -- because if taken at the wrong time, one can end up in some serious trouble.

Case in point: Just before robbing a burger joint, two unnamed teenage girls thought it would be oh so cool to pose for a quick selfie -- dressed head to toe in their bad-to-the-bone burglary get-up ... all while holding a nearly 12-inch knife.

Needless to say, these chicks aren't exactly veterans when it comes to committing crimes. So here's how it all went down:


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The girls broke into the restaurant and threatened to stab the staff if they didn't hand over some money, which ended up being only about $400. They ran off with the money, but it didn't take the police too long to track them down. With the help of a sniffer dog, the girls were caught -- and the bag of stolen money and the incriminating selfie ultimately sealed their fate.

The older of the two girls ended up being sentenced to juvenile detention while the younger girl was too young to be charged. These girls are lucky they are so young, because the judge stated had they been older, their punishment would've been much more severe.

Check out the ridiculous selfie here -- and let us know what you think. Rookie mistake?

Is this the stupidest thing a criminal can do or what?


Image via Yasunobu Ikeda/Flickr

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