Woman 'Seeking Closure' With Ex-Boyfriend Lit His House on Fire

Because everyone knows that the best way to get closure for a failed relationship is with lighter fluid and a lit cigarette, 26-year-old Kaelyn Marie Partenza was arrested last week for arson after setting fire to her ex-boyfriend’s house.

“I got mad and lit the door on fire,” the Florida woman ever so patiently explained. She was attempting to get some closure with ex-boyfriend Brian Morris, who apparently has some anger management issues of his own.


Until recently, Partenza and Morris had been living together in the apartment, along with Morris’ new girlfriend, “as a family.” Talk about your dysfunctional families!

When the jilted ex-girlfriend came over “to get closure,” she claims that Morris opened the door and pointed a gun in her face. A physical fight on the stairs ensued, which ended with Partenza fleeing the scene as Morris threw a boot at her hard enough to cause bruising on her arm. Fearing for her life, she abandoned her belongings on the porch.

After Morris went back inside, Partenza apparently stopped fearing for her life and returned to the home. According to a police affidavit, she attempted to spy through a crack in the door before Morris blocked her view with a towel.

That’s when she went pyro and used some lighter fluid she found near a grill and a lit cigarette to light the front door on fire.

The new girlfriend put out the fire, and the jilted ex is being held on $50,000 bail. Morris was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm, domestic violence, and battery.

Maybe next time a simple “it’s over” would suffice.

Have you ever done anything to get revenge on an ex?


Image via Thomas's Pics/Flickr

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