6 Favorite Movies That Would Be Ruined by Modern Technology

The movie Home Alone recently turned 23, which, in addition to making us '90s kids feel old, got some people thinking about how the plotline wouldn’t exist with today’s technology. Twitter user John Ekdahl tweeted, “Home Alone 2013: via social media Kevin says parents left him at home. Becomes national story. Parents arrested. Kevin placed in foster care.”

Ha! True story though. It got me thinking about how many of the plotlines from our favorite childhood movies would be ruined if they were set in 2013? Technology is great and all, but have we lost some kid-story magic?


Here are 5 more movies that would be totally ruined with modern technology.

The Parent Trap: Hallie Parker’s friends text her, “OMG! SOME1 clng herself Annie James swiped yor pictuR & iz UzN it az her profile pictuR on FB! Stalker!” Parents would be totally busted.

Mrs. Doubtfire: Two words. Nanny. Cams. Euphegenia would’ve been caught long before the kids had a chance to bond with her.

The Sandlot: Baseball? On the Wii with a joystick, maybe. The kids’ greatest fear isn’t The Beast, it’s the power going out.

Blank Check: Identity theft protection would keep this movie from happening. Plus -- do kids these days even know what a check is?

Heavyweights: The kids tweet about the fat-shaming tactics of Tony Perkis, and fat camp turns into a self-esteem retreat.

What's your favorite movie from your childhood?

Image via s_herman/Flickr

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