Mom Accused of Selling Newborn ... For the Second Time!

leeanna brownIf trying to sell your newborn once is unthinkable, what is trying to sell your baby twice? Try criminal. Leeanna Brown of Kentucky is in a heap of trouble this week after cops found out she tried to sell her baby to her cousin. But wait, that's not all!

Cops in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, say that was the second time Brown treated her baby like a secondhand car. But thank goodness for the second attempt -- it seems it's what nailed her.


According to Elizabethtown police, when a deal to sell her baby to a woman for $5,000 fell through, Brown handed the baby over to cousin Luondra Martin, who thought she'd be able to adopt the little girl. But then cops say Brown came back to Martin and said she wanted her baby back ... unless Martin would pay court costs and fines for a case she had pending.

Fortunately Martin went to the cops about the whole thing, and now Brown is charged with selling or purchasing a child for adoption, a class D felony. Facing as much as five years in prison, she's lost the little girl to foster care. Her older kids were already staying with other families, but they too have been taken into foster care -- all three sisters are reportedly now together.

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Sad as it makes this whole case that a mom allegedly tried not once but twice to sell her own child, if you think about it, the second attempted sale here was likely a lifesaver for this little girl. It sounds twisted, I know, but can you imagine what life would be like with a woman who'd tried to sell her for less than it costs to buy a decent car? With a woman who didn't wise up after the first sale didn't go through?

I have to wonder why the first "buyer" didn't go to the cops herself. She (or he) could have saved the baby a lot of heartache right there. But thank goodness the mom allegedly slipped up again, because no kid should be stuck with a mother who treats her like a product you can sell on a whim.

What do you think the punishment should be here?


Image via Hardin County Detention Center

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