'Fitness Chicks' Take Instagram by Storm to Show Off Chiseled Bodies (PHOTOS)

The latest trend on Instagram is so full of girl power that I can almost hear Katy Perry singing along in the background. You’re gonna hear me rooooooaaaar!

Anyway, some super-toned chicas have taken to the picture-sharing site to show off their muscles -- and they’ve developed quite the following, especially among the men-folk. Some of the “fitness chicks” are bodybuilders or personal trainers, and some are just really into hitting the gym, but they’re all using Instagram to share pictures of their strong bodies and videos of their insane intense workouts.


And they’re getting attention. Comments on pictures showing off what seem to be muscles with muscles include “You are so pretty. And strong. Wow.” and “I wish every girl was as pretty, healthy, smart and motivated as you are.”

This is so awesome. I love that these women can use technology to show that women can be strong and sexy. No need to be all emaciated and waif like. Eat some sweet potatoes for goodness sake, and then go burn it off with some squats and bicep curls.

It’s not just good inspiration for those of us following along at home -- it’s also a great way for these ladies to stay motivated. It’s easy to become complacent and accidentally eat a cheeseburger than forget to work out for a year, but when you’re sharing the results of your fitness choices with the Internet, you’re going to feel more accountable to achieve positive results.

And these results speak for themselves.

Do you think the fitness chicks are inspirational?


Image via Mankofit/Instagram

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