School Bus Driver Accused of Sexting 14-Year-Old Got Exactly What He Deserved

school busThis pedophile bus driver is SO busted. A private school bus driver was arrested for sexting a 14-year-old girl -- or anyway, someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. The victim in this case was actually an undercover cop pretending to be a teen. Thirty-eight-year-old Elliot Provda is accused of sending the cop text messages that were "graphic and sexual in nature" and "included an invitation to meet for sexual activity in Queens [New York]." So much for that fantasy.

You almost have to feel sorry for the guy. He was double crossed into thinking an adult woman was a 14-year-old girl, and then he was arrested for making advances on a woman he could have hit on in real life without a problem. Except ... this is a guy who wanted to have a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old. So I don't pity him at all.


Who knows how this undercover cop managed to look like a young teenager -- not a 17-year-old, but a girl barely out of puberty. No makeup? Maybe it was just enough for her to show up on the bus every day, and then flirt with the guy.

And really, you could see many young teenage girls flirting with their bus driver, flattered by the attention but having no intention of it actually going anywhere. I mean, how many young teens have fantasies about 38-year-old guys? Not many at all! I'm glad there's one fewer predatory adult out there.

But there's just something kind of satisfying about hearing that a "victim" got the best of her perp. (Allegedly, allegedly ...) It's a nice bit of justice, don't you think? And I hope it makes other potential predators think twice before go after a teen. Except it probably won't. Chances are, if you're the type of creep to hit on 14-year-old girls, you probably don't have the firmest grip on reality.

Do you think this arrest will scare other pedophiles, or do they all think they're the exception?


Image via Kevin/Flickr

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