The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Nerd in Your Life

The countdown to Christmas is almost over and it's time to start thinking in earnest where to click to pick up something nice for your nerdy S.O., friend, or family member. I've chosen five items of particular interest to Geek Dad himself (hint hint, Geek Mom) that should be amazing to find under the tree.


First, the GCW-Zero is one of the coolest little handhelds your nerd will ever use. It is an open source console that can play almost any old game in existence, from old Nintendo titles to actual arcade games. It's a limited-edition handheld and costs $149, but if she's into old console games, this may make the perfect present. You can actually save your games mid-swipe, something that you could never do on old consoles, and you can even upload software using an SD card.

Want a little DIY fun? Try Adafruit's ARDX Arduino kit. This $85 kit includes everything you need to get started in Ardunino, a surprisingly fun electronics platform that lets you build simple circuits and program them to react to light, button-presses, and sound.



If you're looking for cool accessories, take a gander at Tokyoflash and their new Rorscharch watch. This watch uses an e-ink screen and, if you couldn't tell, mirrors the time in the display (it's 8:23 a.m. above). It's a fun way to tell time and looks like something Neo would wear in the Matrix.

Is your nerd a little younger? How about Goldie Blox for girls? Goldie Blox cost about $20 and are billed as engineering toys for girls. They come in bright, cool colors and can fit together to create moving, whirring machines. Each kit comes with a storybook that walks your little architect through the process of creating a car or toy. While you can always dump out a box of Lego and call it a day, toys like Goldie Blox are educator-approved for teaching kids about basic mechanical concepts.

Finally, what could be better than an old-fashioned trebuchet under the tree this Christmas. This trebuchet from E-M Labs is a type of catapult that can throw small balls up to 25 feet. The company sells these for $40, and they snap together without glue or screws. You can also download the plans and cut it out yourself, but I can't imagine anyone wants to hit the wood shop after opening their presents. Instead, they can take their ready-made trebuchet outside and start winging balls at the side of the house -- and blame it on old St. Nick.

What did you get for your nerdy friends and family?

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