Gmail's 'Unsend' Feature Unveiled: 5 Regrettable Emails We'd Use It On Now

omgYou guys, this is major. Gmail has unveiled its new "Undo Send" feature, a brilliant feature we've all been longing for since -- well, since email was first invented. It's exactly what it sounds like. If you accidentally/on purpose send an email and then regret sending that email, you may now pull it back from the cruel clutches of the recipient's inbox and pretend that never happened. How might you work this little miracle?

Mosey on over to the Google Labs section, scroll down to the bottom until you see Undo Send, and click "Enable." Enable! Was ever a happier word ever coined? Hit "Save Changes" before leaving that page. Now when you send an email, along with that "your email has been sent" yellow bar you'll also get an "undo send" option. But you'll only have 10 seconds to click it, so hurry! Also, we don't know how long Google will let us keep undo send, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Oh the emails we wish we could undo send right now. I asked around, and here's a few of the most unfortunate emails we wish we could revoke.

I once sent an email to a coworker calling a PR rep of a very big star a total bitch. But it went to the PR rep. Still regret that.

A few years ago my best friend was getting divorce (uh, the first time), and she sent out one of those mass chain mails. I emailed her a "how are you" type of email back, and asked if her ex-husband had moved out of the house yet. Weeeeell, apparently I'd hit "reply all" because her soon-to-be ex-sister-in-law got my email and jumped down my throat for talking about her brother.

I was one of 8 bridesmaids for my very good friend, along with her future sister-in-law... the sister-in-law knew nothing about my friend -- but was exceptionally opinionated. So every time she would send an email shooting down something one of the other bridesmaids' ideas a few of us would email around expressing our frustration. After one particularly rude email from her directly at me I thought I hit forward - in order to vent to a friend about it -- but hit reply instead. Needless to say ... my commentary wasn't the nicest -- and I was mortified. Tried recalling the message 8 times... she got all of the notifications on my recall attempts AND the actual email. Horrifying.

That one time I tried to make nice with my ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend: I thanked her for an email she sent apologizing to me. She emailed me back AGAIN saying that it was NOT an apology, and I was pretty much a lying whore. Oh. My bad.

Every one I've ever sent after midnight and 3 glasses of wine.

What's an email you wish you could unsend?


Image via Tama Leaver/Flickr

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