2 Million Passwords Stolen & Posted Online -- Is Yours One of Them?

OMG, time to change your password AGAIN! Every six months or so, some hackers manage to get ahold of millions of passwords and dump them on the Internet. This time, over two million passwords from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and other sites were harvested by a botnet -- a network of machines controlled by criminals -- used to infect people's computers and then take over their passwords. I always wondered how I managed to get those "Hi, I'm stuck in Thailand and need your help ..." emails from my friends' email accounts, and now I know!


The best way to protect yourself is to change your password every six months or so ... in fact, now might be a good time. Which sucks because we all get used to our passwords and it's hard enough remembering them all and then suddenly having to change them all. I've gotten locked out of some pretty important sites because I've changed a password and then, certain I'd remember it, never wrote them down.

Actually, maybe I can get my LinkedIn password from this botnet. Still can't remember that thing.

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The password dump did reveal, however, the most popular passwords people like to use. And can I just say, hello, these are not very safe?! Here are the top 10:

1) 123456

2) 123456789

3) 1234

4) password

5) 12345

6) 12345678

7) admin

8) 123

9) 1

10) 1234567

Err, not very original, folks. But try those in case you're trying to get into someone's email. Which you shouldn't do.

When these password dumps happen, usually no one links to them, so good luck finding them via Google. But they could still be out there.

Do you change your password often?


Image via xmodulu/Flickr

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