Facebook's New 'Unfollow' Button Is a Sneaky Way to Block Unwanted Friends

Facebook is changing things again, but this time they may be getting some praise rather than the usual round of grumbles the social media site gets every two seconds when they “improve” things.

This time they’re replacing the “Hide All” button with one more aptly named “Unfollow.” It’s the stealth de-friender, you guys -- clicking it will let you block that person’s messages and posts from your timeline.


The best part is that it won’t notify the blocked user, so you’ll avoid any awkward un-friending scenarios. Normally I’d just say who cares, but don’t we all have a couple of crazies in our digital circles that would love to stir up junk about what a terrible person you are for un-friending them? Let’s just avoid all that nonsense -- ain’t nobody got time for that.

And then there are the relatives (usually older) that you just can’t un-friend, because then you’d have to explain why they couldn’t see pictures of your kids anymore on Facebook.

It’s like the perfect way to avoiding annoying posts and keep your feed neat and tidy.

Now if they could just add a “dislike” button, we’d be all set.

Are you going to make use of the unfollow button?

Image via woodleywonder-works/Flickr

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