Scary Real 'Photo' of Morgan Freeman Was Actually Painted on an iPad (VIDEO)

morgan freemanThis might be the coolest, or creepiest, thing you'll see all day! Take a look at Morgan Freeman pictured here. You'd immediately think it's just a photograph, right? Nope! It's actually a super realistic rendition of him ... finger-painted on an iPad.

That's right, Kyle Lambert, an "iPad artist," produced a video of how he painstakingly finger-painted this image of the famous actor on his iPad. Of course, everyone agrees that the only thing missing from this video is Freeman's iconic voice narrating it. But come on, this artistic and technological feat is still simply incredible.


The original shot of Freeman off of which Lambert worked was by photographer Scott Gries. It took Lambert, a trained artist and oil painter, a full month and 285,000 strokes to create this image. He used an art app called Procreate so he could zoom in and do all those fantastic, layered details. Kind of puts those paint-by-number pictures of cute puppies and kittens from your childhood to shame, doesn't it?

Of course you want to see how it's done:

Naturally, this is awesome, but don't you think it's kind of ... scary as well? All of us are well accustomed to and sadly tolerate on a daily basis heavily edited, Photoshopped images that make us feel horrific about ourselves, but to completely re-create a hyperrealistic image on just an iPad alone, who knows what other ways we can be duped into thinking something that looks real most definitely isn't. Granted, Lambert is a fantastic artist with an innate talent, but still. It feels like this is only just the beginning. Perhaps virtual reality is closer than we think.

Regardless, kudos to Lambert by introducing this mind-blowing work of high-tech art to the masses. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Too bad all I can "finger-paint" on my iPad is my name as well as a bunch of smiley and frowney faces ...

Could you tell the difference between the iPad image and photo? Is this the most realistic portrait you've ever seen?


Image via Kyle Lambert/YouTube

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