Google Bans 1,400 Totally Bizarre Words From Their Android Phones

Oh, autocorrect, you fickle fiend. Anyone that’s ever accidentally sent a text wondering about “chicken vaginas” instead of “chicken fajitas” for dinner knows the beet red embarrassment that comes from autocorrect misreading a mistyped word.

So Google has decided to stay a step ahead of careless typers and ban a list of about 1,400 “sexting” and other inappropriate words from its latest update for the Android keyboard’s autocomplete feature. If you want to call someone a butt head or text your girlfriend from a public restroom to ask if she has any Tampax, you’re going to have to type the whole word out yourself.


Other banned words include condom, sex, and preggers, and then some weird ones like geek, thud, and LSAT. Uterus is in there for some reason ... although if you’re talking about a uterus when sexting, you’re doing it wrong. Braless is on the list too, because nothing is hotter than texting a girl, “Honey, I want you braless.”

Nazi is ok, but don’t try to type Klansmen or supremacist. Apparently we can only incite one group of maniacal racists in polite conversation these days.

The whole thing is weird, and there is a disable function, which, if I had an Android phone, I’d probably be doing, because if I want to text my best friend about chicken vaginas, I’m way too lazy to type the whole thing out myself.

Of course the biggest question I have about banning words is this: Can we just ban moist from the English language and be done with it? That’s censorship I could get behind.

What’s your worst autocorrect fail?

Image via Johan Larsson/Flickr

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