‘Get Off the Phone’ Song Has Hilariously Truthful Message for Cellphone Users (VIDEO)

If you're over a certain age, you've noticed a huge change in the world. It's gone from groups of people sitting around talking to groups of people staring into their cellphone screens. It's gone from being able to catch a stranger's eye for a bit of flirtation to that stranger staring into his/her cellphone screen. It's gone from people going to concerts and staring up at the stage to staring at their cellphone screens. There used to be movies about people becoming glassy-eyed zombies due to alien parasites -- well, that parasite is named iPhone.


Comedian duo Rhett & Link have decided to do something about it. They're taking away the cellphone from the dad who is too busy Facebooking his baby's birthday party to actually watch it. They're confiscating the phones of the couple who ignore each other over a candlelit dinner while they text. In short, they are cellphone-snatching superheroes. Check out their (non-cellphone) call for everyone to get off the phone and get #InTheMoment:

Get off the phoooone

It's gonna be okay

There's no need to be


So catchy.

Okay, so maybe they shouldn't have taken the phone away from the guy who was calling 911 for his choking friend, but seriously, no one else needed to be on their phone! It's gotten insane, people! And I've almost become one of them. Over Thanksgiving, as the table was set with festive festoons of food, I just HAD to run over and grab my iPhone and upload a snap. It was like the meal didn't exist if people online didn't see it. Ack! iPhones must automatically implant some sort of weird thing in your brain that makes it impossible to process plates of food or cute cat poses unless you are Facebooking it.

Shortly before I finally got rid of my creaky little flip phone, I walked outside and noticed that EVERY damn person who walked by me had their nose in their phone. As Rhett and Link say, don't you realize you're going to die someday? And someday could be, like, today?

Is your cellphone screen really the last thing you want to see on this beautiful planet of ours?

Look at a sunset. With your eyes.

Look at your partner. With your eyes.

Look at that concert you paid $120 for. With your eyes.

How about your lunch? Eat it, don't Tweet it.

Are you sick of cellphone zombies? Are you one of them?

Image via Rhett & Link/Flickr

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